Knee-Q Massager –

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  - Pain Relief For Knee Pain

  - Knee and Ligament Injuries

  - Osteoarthritis

  - Rheumatoid Arthritis

  - Bursitis

  - Tendinitis

  - For Soulder Pain

  - For Elbow Pain


The Knee Massager helps you to get rid of knee pain and stiffness

This Knee Massager will help you in your everyday life, it will relieve your pain while walking, running, you will no longer feel strong pain when you get up.

Vibration and Heat therapy helps to get rid of the pain.



Strong vibration massage function - it is a way of relaxing muscles in which the muscle tissues are continuously pressed and released.

This process allows the tissues to get back to their previous shape and get rid of the causes of pain.
It also Increases blood circulation.



The heat function relaxes the muscles and helps to lubricate the joints and releases muscle spasms.

Also, it encourages the healing of damaged tissue. The warmth causes the blood vessels of the muscles to dilate, which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
It can be used on your shoulders or elbows aswell.

Also, it have the EMS function, can massage other part of your body, such as your shoulder, arm, belly, buttocks...