FAQ – lumbar-s.com


1.Question: The massage and the infrared heat therapy works separately or just together?

Answer: There is a separate button to turn the heat on or off at three different levels, 112℉ -107.6℉ -100.4℉.

2.Question: I weigh over 300 pds, is this item ideal for me?
Answer: Can bear your weight, actually it also supports part of the weight of the waist.
3.Question: Is it any different from a regular back stretcher?
Answer: Very different, this one has no discomfort during use, USES air compression to prop up my lower back, and has massaging and heating functions.
4.Question: Can you use it sitting down?
Answer: Yes, you can but in a sitting position, your lower back muscles wont be in a relaxed position so it will be less effective.
5.Question: Can elder people use it?
Answer: Of course, the lumbar disc herniation repair instrument can adjust the intensity to make it suitable for the elderly.
6.Question: How big is it and can it bear my weight?
Answer: It is 16 inches long and 7 to 7 3/4 inches wide. I am 6'6" and weight 224lbs and it bears my weight just fine.