1.Question: I weigh over 250 lbs, is this item ideal for me?
Answer: Yes, can bear your weight, actually it also supports part of the weight of the waist.
2.Question: Shipping cost?
Answer: Shipping is FREE!
3.Question: What if i am not satisfied, Money back guarantee?
Answer: Of course, No-Risk-30 day money back guarantee, link: https://lumbar-s.com/pages/90-day-money-back-guatantee
4.Question: Shipping time?
Answer: All details about shipping please visit this link: https://lumbar-s.com/pages/shipping-details

5.Question: Is it any different from a regular back stretcher?
Answer: Very different, this one has no discomfort during use, USES air compression to prop up my lower back, and has massaging and heating functions.

6.Question: Can you use it sitting down?
Answer: Yes, you can but in a sitting position, your lower back muscles wont be in a relaxed position so it will be less effective.

7.Question: Can elder people use it?
Answer: Of course, the lumbar disc herniation repair instrument can adjust the intensity to make it suitable for the elderly.
8.Question: How can it help me?
Eliminate Back Pain, Fix Spinal Alignment, Take Pressure Off Pinched Nerves, Improve Back Stiffness, Heal Damaged Tissue, Eliminate Muscle Spasms, Restore Range Of Motion, Decompress Joints To Decrease Pain, Increase Flexibility.
9.Question: The massage and the infrared heat therapy works separately or just together?
Answer: There is a separate button to turn the heat on or off at three different levels, 112℉ -107.6℉ -100.4℉.