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Our mission is to help people with back pain, neck and knee pain with our proven unique effective products.

Dr. Michael Papa about the Lumbar s Traction Device

"I´ve been in practice over 30 years as a chiropractor and I´d like to introduce you to this new product that gives relief to the low back. I utilize patients with it as well as myself and what it does it creates heat, a vibratory reaction to help loosen the muscles, creates atraction to open up the vertebrae taking pressure off the nerve giving low back relief-highly recommend this product."

Why Our Customers Love Us


"Bought this, use it regularly, very happy and can definitely see a major reduction in back tightness within minutes. Heat (has few levels the top one being very warm), with massage , combined with inflation/deflation is a great combination"

— Josh K.


"I have bought two, 1 for neck and 1 for back, they are very good. I can feel different after 1 use, my neck, shoulder, lower back were release. Highly recommended. Service is good too as they are very fast to answer my questions. Shipment is very quick as well"

Annie C.

Check out the solution for Neck and Knee pain!

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